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6th Generation Secrets: Meet Your New Personal Trainer Apple Nik

Are there any secrets you need to be aware of, about the Nike+ Sport Kit?

Well let's see:

Nike + Sport Kit includes a water-resistant polyurethane case. That is a positive, especially for working-out in various weather condition.

Padded back diver with the white and black Nike swoosh on the bottom.

Comes equipped with a large enough spool to wrap your earbuds around. This works wonderfully, nothing worse then having tangled earpieces. Takes too much time untangling them each and every-time you want to use them.

Wireless sensor comes housed in a custom pocket-like compartment made specifically for the Nike+. This fits snugly beneath the insole of your shoe.

As you start your work-out the Nike+ stores the data of your exercise within it's memory.

When you are able to sync the data to your computer (either MAC or PC doesn't matter) Nike+ will send the information about your work-out to the Nike website. There you will be able to track your current or past stats.

At the Nike website you will be able to set goals, make challenges for yourself and your friends, also compete against others that utilize the same service.

Who thought that exercising could be such fun with the iPod nano 6th generation Nike+ Sport Kit.

Nike+ transforms into your own personal exercise coach. Providing you with real-time up to date feedback and results, so tracking your performance on your MAC or PC is a breeze.

Whether you are connecting your iPod to a cardio machine, choosing the right playlist, or pedaling those calories away Nike+ is with you every step of the way.