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A Classic Outerwear - Barbour Jackets

As a bike racing fan have you ever wondered from where your favorite stars get their stylish gear? Believe it or not, the company behind dressing up all your bike racers in their macho outfits is J. Barbour & Sons Ltd. A British manufacturing company started by a man who had great vision, John Barbour. What started as a small shop in South Shields manufacturing and selling everything in outerwear and innerwear to sailors and fishermen, turned into world's most renowned and trusted name in the outerwear.

By the year 1930, motorbike racing and Barbour were inseparable. With the introduction of riding gear for bikers and designs like Bedale, the Border and the Beaufort, Barbour jackets secured their place in the hearts and wardrobes of millions. Famous personalities like Princess Diana, Steve Mcqueen, Lily Allen, Alex Turner have all been spotted endorsing these jackets. The popularity and durability of these jackets can be adjudged by the fact that the company has received 'Royal Warrants' for supplying their outfits to members of British royalty.

Barbour jackets have broken an age old myth that jackets can be worn only in winters. With the introduction of a complete range of all-season jackets for men and women, the company has bridged this gap. These jackets are very comfortable and can be worn for a hunting trip as well as for a board meeting.

Barbour jackets are available in various materials and you can choose a jacket as per your liking. The designs and patterns on offer make it extremely difficult to settle for a single jacket and for those discerning patrons who like nothing but the best in outerwear; there is no dearth of options. These jackets offer full value for your hard earned money and with the name of Barbour behind every product you can rest assure that the quality of material and craftsmanship will be unparalleled.

Barbour jackets could prove to be an excellent gift option for your spouse, father, mother or teenage son/daughter. Vintage Barbour jackets are like a cherished heirloom and if you are getting one for your grandparent, it is sure to make him the happiest person on earth. Barbour jackets come in quilted and non-quilted variants. Whereas the quilted ones are more suitable for colder weather, the non-quilted jackets are apt for every day wear in all weather conditions.

Barbour jackets also come with the promise of an extensive network of dealers and stockiest so that if at all you need any repairs or customized alterations, you do not have to look far. The company strives to provide the most cost effective solution to its customers who need a repairing work on their jacket. These jackets are a value addition to your wardrobe and are high on comfort. People owning a Barbour jacket find it very hard to settle for anything less.