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Branding For Service Or Retail Business

As the mind of a man is the most powerful force in the world, a brand which is essentially grabbing an area of consumer's mind, is the most expensive asset in the world. It is in fact the result of almost everything an organisation's prospects' senses can take in about the company.

More than being a logo, a brand is a guarantee that a business puts across to its prospects. With that in mind it has to be noted that organisations should work to create a promise that can be fulfilled with its current means. It is the utmost expression of what an organisation stands for or propose to become. It is the vibrant bonding an organisation has with its customers. When embarking on a brand planning it has to be reckoned that branding should produce captivating playoffs for the company. When your customers use your brand, they should feel better about themselves than they always felt.

Branding has to be based on the core-values the business holds high. For example if the business stands for progression through fun and service to the community and none of their employees show these qualities, then the brand the company promotes will not be a success. There has to be consistency with the brand values and employees' actions especially when they are in direct contact with customers. If not this could jeopardise the company's brand image which is never built overnight but over a period of many years through a lot of careful planning and implementation, not to mention the millions spent.

Every employee in an organisation should breathe the brand. They have to cling on to what their organisation accepts. It has to be seen in their dressing, their attitude, their facial expressions, and every word that comes out of their mouth. A very important question organisations should ask is whether every contact with customers strengthen the brand essence. A single employee is enough to tarnish the brand image an organisation has very painstakingly built over a period of many years.

In the case of a restaurant, its ambience, the colour, seating arrangements, smell, sounds heard, staff uniform, their attitude etc. have a say on customers' view of the brand. If it is a restaurant chain it has to be noted that hundreds of people experience the brand through numerous touch points.

A few examples about how staff can stain a restaurant's or any retail outlet's brand image are as given below:

When making a payment at the till, if staff never bothers to look at you, looks at you in disdain, talks among themselves, talks to you without any emotion, or when you do not have smaller currency or change to pay and the staff makes a disgusting facial expression making it all clear that he/she is abusing you inside their mind.

This explains the necessity for an ongoing training with regard to branding for employees.