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Hannah Montana Halloween Costumes - Let's Talk About The Hair An

Looking for a really special Hannah Montana Halloween Costume this year? It is so easy to buy the parts that are hard to make, like some of the fancy shirts, and then add a few of your own touches. Some of the costumes come with wigs and some don't. Be sure you read the details so you know exactly what comes with any purchased costume.

It would be great if we all had the time and talent to make a totally original Halloween costume for our child but, face it, most of us don't have that kind of time. What I would rather do is find a great web site that sells a wide selection of Hannah Montana Halloween costumes and then spend my time customizing the outfit with accessories.

Every fashionista, including models and actors, have their own stylist. The stylist is in charge of taking clothes and turning them into knockout outfits. Fashion stylists are responsible for bringing life to a fashion occasion, whether that is a fashion shoot, a stage performance, or a walk down the red carpet. They create the mood by selecting the appropriate props, fashions, accessories to fit the theme. They coordinate colors and styles, adding just the right accessories, perfecting the makeup and hair, and turning the clothes into a fashion event. They take a store bought item and make it stand out. So lets take our purchased Hannah Montana Halloween costume and make it rock by being your own stylist.

First, some of the costumes come with wigs and some don't. Be sure you read the details so you know exactly what comes with any purchased costume. If your daughter has long blonde hair, well you are all set. Wear it straight with bangs and you have the Hannah Montana rock star hair. Just look at some pictures online of Hannah Montana and see if you can duplicate one of her styles.

Hannah has long hair. If your daughter doesn't have blonde hair, try using one of temporary hair colors that you can find in almost any drug store. Read the label carefully so you can be sure that the color is temporary and can be removed in one washing. You don't want a long term problem just to have "pretend" blonde hair for one night. I think it is safer to purchase a long blonde wig, or better yet, get one of the costumes that come with the wig. That is the most economical solution - probably even cheaper than buying the spray-in-color.

Decide what accessories you want for the outfit. Whether it is a sparkly belt, high boots or something else you have seen Hannah wear, adding these items will make the outfit super special. You can also add headphones to give that on-stage singer look. Even a sequined headband can add a stylish touch to the Hannah Montana costume.

Jewelry helps make the outfit but be careful not to use too much jewelry. You want to "set" the outfit, not dominate it. The more sparkle in the actual clothing, the less jewelry should be worn. A cuff bracelet in a silvery or gold toned finish adds some sparkle without taking over.

You must get the makeup right so your young Hannah looks like she is a rock star ready to perform on stage. You don't need to be a professional makeup artist to turn your daughter into Hannah Montana the rock star, but you do need a few makeup tips. Let's start with the eyes. You need lots of lashes, so first find a nice volumizing mascara - put on several layers so your lashes really pop. Find some glittery eye shadows and a black eye liner. Create dark, smokey eyes by applying black eyeliner on the bottom and top of your eye. Smudge the liner, and apply brown, green, lilac or pink sparkly eye shadow. Finally, apply a little bit of the sparkly eye shadow to the bottom lashes and blend with the eyeliner.

Enjoy this time. Halloween can be a special bonding experience with your daughter. By showing her how to style outfits with just a little effort and not much money, you can be teaching her some valuable fashion lessons that will stay with her during her teen years.