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Learning How To Read Music On Guitar

Do you play guitar? Or thinking about starting to take lessons? Well before you do you should decide now if learning how to read guitar music is a skill you'd like to have or not. Why? Well because it can have a big impact on what and how you learn as a beginner. Here's just a couple of reasons why.

1.) Not learning how to read music and relying on Tablature to learn new tunes and just knowing the names of chords is a lot easier then comprehending musical theory and the notes on each string.

2.) If you decide you want to know how to read guitar music then it's going to take a bit longer to learn the basics. There is more time that must be put in learning additional skills and knowledge needed later on.

Learning to Read Music is it more work?

The first part of learning how to read guitar music is comprehending what the names of each line and space are on the musical staff. Any quality guitar lesson course should teach you this. Before you buy ensure that musical theory, reading music, and learning the notes on each string are covered in the lessons.

The next stage of learning to read guitar music is learning and memorizing the names of each string and the notes on each string. This will relate to the notes you read on the page from sheet music. No need to know every note on every string all the way to the end of the neck. When starting out concentrate on the first five frets of each string.

Learning to Read Guitar Music Made Easy

It is possible to teach yourself how to read guitar music, but if you don't have any previous musical experience, or have someone close to you whom you can pose questions to it's probably worth while getting a book or video to help you.

The popular learn guitar courses such as Learn and Master Guitar cover learning the notes on each string, how to read music, theory, and scales. These are all intertwined and will take you from just being a strumming guitar player to an intermediate and advanced player.