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Unscramble Fashionable Color in 2010-2011

The fashionable color is changing with the season. The popular color of each season is characterized by its comparability and succession. That is to say, the trend of the fashionable color is the extension of the fashionable color last season and the succession of that in this season, plus innovation.

Take UGG as an example, in 2007, black, white and gray began to show their charm in fashion market. As a whole, the brand is embodied with dark gray. In 2008 and 2009, black, grey and white continued to be popular and grey gradually became a trend.

At the same time, the use of color in general broke the convention that dark colors should be used in winter while light and colorful colors should be used in summer. Color can change without the consideration of season, which is the phenomenon of counter-season.

Therefore, no matter in which season, gray can have a deep development in the light-colored area. And material change and fabric re-creation are highlighted in the application of gray.

In 2010, the entire color is influenced by the bright color of last quarter, and transparent fabric becomes popular.

The fashionable color is changing all the time with the development of our times. Then, what will happen to the fashionable color in 2010 and 2011?

The prevalence of color reflects the nature of our life and illustrates the comparison between nature and manpower, illusion and reality.

Therefore, the fashionable color in the spring and summer of 2011 is going to develop towards two directions.

Firstly, the performance of the color is realistic and natural; it extracts the inspiration from nature, for example, UGG boots made by pure wool.

Secondly, the colors show their fantastic, technological features, and fashionable colors are those artificial colors in which pigments are added, such as the Ed Hardy Series.

Fashionable color makes a changeable impression on consumers, which makes them difficult to grasp.

What the fashion colors bring to enterprises are opportunities and added value. If a company wants to be the winner in the homogenized competition, it is of great necessity to focus on design innovation.

So when you find such popular brands as UGG, you needn't being surprise, because UGG is always the leader in the constant innovation and comforts people as possible as they can.